Pros and Cons of using Artificial Intelligence at School Level

Using AI at the school level is a great idea as schools in the US have already implemented it in schools. This emerging subject has been accepted globally. In this era of digitalization where students are using tablets, smartphones, laptops for their studies, using AI as a tool to teach in school is a great achievement. The Indian curriculum is based on rote learning which makes studies boring but using AI could perk up the educational system and students can enjoy their lessons.

Technology has become an important part of our life and studies are based on smart classrooms. So let us discuss both the pros and cons of teaching with Artificial Intelligence in our educational curriculum.

Pros of Artificial Intelligence-

Access to infinite information- student specific queries can be answered online. Both students and teachers will be able to connect faster with each other and class discussions would be more apt and interesting. Students will be able to glance through a specific database to gather information…

Automate tedious tasks- teachers won’t be bogged down with work their lesson plans would be easily prepared with the help of AI tools. Their workload will lessen and they will find it easy to update parents and students in schedule changes, classroom updates by sending automated messages.

Showing instead of telling- powerpoint presentations, interactive images, both usage of video and audio which will help students grasp things faster.

Increased participation and engagement-online polls, interactive quizzes and instantaneous results during lectures will make learning more engaging.

Gamification of learning use of role play simulators or video game type rewards could make learning interesting

Collaborative projects it will become easy with screen sharing, messaging and using cloud-based applications.

Up-to-date informationusing the web will keep the students updated with the latest information.

Improving course quality AI will be able to analyze the patterns of a large number of students giving wrong answers for a particular question, which will alert the educator and in turn improve teaching quality.

Machine translation it will be faster and accurate which will help to bridge the gap for second language students

Empowering the disabled- students with special needs will be benefitted to a large extent and will feel free to educate themselves well.

Custom textbooks- teachers will be able to import a syllabus and generate a textbook with all the core content which will be useful for all grades.

But with every new thing if there are pros then it has to be associated with some cons. Let us discuss the cons of AI

COST- using AI in schools would be quite expensive and only well to do schools will be able to afford using it.

Addiction- we will become technology addicts and stop using our brains

Lack of personal interaction- machines cannot be a substitute for human interaction. There would be no emotional connect and everything would be mechanized which would be too impersonalized.

Unemployment using machines would lead to fewer teachers being recruited and more unemployment in the country

Loss of information- they may need repair off and on and data may get destroyed so that might create more problems.

But technology can be used in a limited amount as it may help to make the learning process more interactive and interesting. Both teachers and students can benefit from the exposure and new resources.

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